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Latest News

USA Volleyball Partners with Molten USA to ‘Pass it Forward’

May 13, 2014, Reno, NV – USA Volleyball has partnered with Molten USA to further their efforts to spread the joy of sport and play through Molten’s Pass it Forward Program. An interactive and educational program, Pass it Forward aims to promote youth sport participation while creating a space to discuss topics such as philanthropy, sportsmanship and accountability. Learn more at:

“Through Pass it Forward, we have the opportunity to educate youth regarding the value of participation in sports as well as the importance of leading a responsible, active and healthy lifestyle," said Melissa Dawson, President of Molten USA. "By providing youth leaders the resources they need to connect with their friends, classmates and community, we empower them to engage in an innovative and meaningful discussion regarding athletics.”

“USA Volleyball is delighted to support and partner with Molten on its Pass it Forward Program,” USA Volleyball CEO Doug Beal said. “We are committed to promoting the social values that are embedded in this program. The sport of volleyball does indeed support an active, healthy and safe lifestyle. These values are very much compatible to our overall commitment to safe sport as an overriding mission of all USA Volleyball programming. We applaud Molten for their leadership in recognizing and helping to grow these important life values.”

Pass it Forward is one element of the Give Joy Initiative, Molten’s larger philanthropic division. To participate in the Pass it Forward program, candidates are sent a Pass it Forward volleyball, basketball or soccer ball. Each ball is printed with the instructions: ‘Play with it, Post about it, Pass it on.’ As part of their Pass it Forward mission, participants must 1) play and be active, 2) engage and connect with the Pass it Forward community on the website, and 3) pass their ball forward to someone new. By combining sports education with philanthropy, Pass it Forward encourages kids to be active participants in a global community.

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USA Volleyball Expands Sponsorship with Molten to Include Official Outdoor Volleyball

Colorado Springs, CO (March 26, 2014) – USA Volleyball announced today that it has expanded its partnership with Molten USA by adding the designations “Official Outdoor Volleyball of USA Volleyball” and “Official Volleyball – Court, Sand and Grass” to the overall sponsorship relationship.

In the summer of 2011, Molten renewed its current agreement as the “Official Sponsor of USA Volleyball, Its National Teams, High Performance Program, National Championships and Coaching Accreditation Program.” Both the existing and new sponsorships are effective through 2016 and will include collaboration on a variety of grassroots and cross-promotional elements as well the continuation of comprehensive joint social media initiatives and philanthropic programs, such as the Pass it Forward Program.

“Molten USA has been a tremendous, forward-thinking partner over the past 17 years and it is exciting to expand this mutually beneficial sponsor relationship to include the sand and grass game through the 2016 Olympic quadrennial,” USA Volleyball Secretary General Kerry Klostermann said. “Molten USA’s support for USA Volleyball programs has been superb and we look forward to working together to grow and promote the sport of volleyball in new ways through this long-term partnership.”

Molten has been the official volleyball of the U.S. National Teams since 1997. In 2001, Molten expanded the partnership to include the USA Volleyball High Performance programs, Coaching Accreditation Program, the USA Volleyball Girls’ and Boys’ Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Open National Championships for adult players.

“Molten is excited to expand our partnership as the Official Outdoor Volleyball of USA Volleyball,” said Molten USA President Melissa Dawson. “Since our partnership began in 1997, it is clear that both partners are committed to the support and advancement of the sport of volleyball, from the court to the sand. Molten is dedicated to being at the forefront of technological innovation with the goal of providing the highest quality and value to athletes. Molten looks forward to a very successful future partnership with USA Volleyball and will continue to demonstrate its commitment to producing the absolute best products for the greater volleyball community.”

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Molten Flistatec Volleyball

Official Game Ball of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup to Feature a Custom Commemorative Design

Janurary 30, 2014 -Molten Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of competition quality sports balls, will provide the official game ball for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. This prestigious event, formerly known as the FIBA World Championships, is the flagship event of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and will take place in Spain from August 30, 2014 through September 14, 2014.

The GL7 game ball will combine Molten's trademark 12-panel, two-tone GIUGIARO design, which has been used for three straight tournaments since 2006 when the tournament was held in Japan, with a new custom 2014 Basketball World Cup design. Created in collaboration with FIBA, this will be the first time a custom designed ball has been developed exclusively for an individual FIBA event.

As a global sponsor of FIBA, Molten has been the official game ball supplier to the FIBA World Championships since 1982. Their top leather basketballs have served as the official game ball for numerous international tournaments and competitions, including the Olympics. Guided by their brand statement, "For the real game," Molten is committed to producing the absolute best products to serve the global basketball community and support growth of the sport worldwide.

Custom Game Ball Design for the Tournament
The 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup logo developed by FIBA for the tournament celebrates the beauty of the host country, Spain. Inspired by the energy and passion of the Spanish culture, the 2014 logo features a 'flamenco' design, juxtaposing the sport of basketball with the complexity and vibrant spirit of dance. The official game ball combines this logo with Molten's trademark 12-panel, 2-tone GIUGIARO design, to create a truly unique appearance while increasing the ball's visibility on the court for both athletes and spectators.

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Molten Flistatec Volleyball

Molten enters into exclusive agreement with the International Handball Federation

Janurary 16, 2014 -Molten Corporation, one of the world's leading manufacturers of competition quality sports balls, and the International Handball Federation (IHF) have signed an agreement naming Molten the official game ball of the IHF.  Beginning with the 2014 Women's Junior World Championships held in Croatia on June 28, 2014, Molten's elite X5000 Series Handballs will be used in all games organized and sanctioned by the IHF.  The partnership also includes the launch of a comprehensive strategic marketing initiative as well as collaboration on a variety of cross promotional elements.

Statement from Dr. Hassan Moustafa, President of the International Handball Federation
"Balls are a crucial part of handball - and therefore we are proud to have a new ball, but highly experienced official ball partner at our side. Molten has gained experience in producing high-tech handballs for decades, they are passionate about our sport. In close cooperation with Molten, the International Handball Federation will work on perfect balls for the perfect handball matches - following their claim 'for the real game.' We are proud to have a new globally thinking and globally leading long-term partner."

Statement from Kiyo Tamiaki, the President and CEO of the Molten Corporation
"We are very pleased to begin our partnership with the IHF and the selection of Molten to be used as the official game ball in the world's most elite handball competitions.  Molten is dedicated to being at the forefront of technological innovation with the goal of providing the highest quality and value to athletes throughout the world. We are honored to have been given this wonderful opportunity to partner with the IHF and we offer our heartfelt thanks to the IHF President, Dr. Moustafa, and all of those involved in serving the sport of handball. Guided by our brand statement 'For the real game,' Molten is committed to producing the absolute best products to fulfill and exceed the expectations of the handball community."

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Molten Flistatec Volleyball

Molten FLISTATEC® Volleyball is the Official Volleyball for the 2014 USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships and the Open Volleyball Championships

June 7, 2013, Colorado Springs, CO - USA Volleyball will utilize the latest advancements in volleyball technology at a majority of its upcoming 2014 National Championship events with the switch to Molten's innovative V5M5000-3 FLISTATEC® volleyball.

The USA Volleyball Boys' Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Open Volleyball Championships will use the red/white/blue V5M5000-3 model, which features patent pending FLISTATEC® Flight Stability Technology and a premium micro-fiber composite cover.

"We have been using this ball at the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships for the past four years, as well as the third year for the Men's Open Division and second year of the Premier Volleyball League at the USA Volleyball Open Championships in 2013," USA Volleyball Senior Director Tom Pingel said. "It has been positively received and we look forward to implementing the ball into our National programs and events on a wider basis."

"Molten USA is very excited for the 2014 transition to the FLISTATEC® volleyball for the USA Volleyball Boys' Junior National Championship and the USA Volleyball Open National Championships," said Melissa Dawson Ricketts, President of Molten USA. "The V5M5000 FLISTATEC® volleyball has had great success since the V5M5000 made its debut at the 2012 NCAA Men's Volleyball Collegiate National Championship and Division III Championship. USA Volleyball has continued to enhance the level of play while providing cutting edge technology for its participants."

Molten is the "Official Sponsor of USA Volleyball, Its National Teams, High Performance Program, National Championships and Coaching Accreditation Program." Read full press release

Molten's AYSO FG Series Molten Attending the 2013 AYSO NAGM
May 20, 2013 - Reno, NV

As a proud sponsor and official ball of AYSO, Molten is pleased to announce their presence at AYSO's 2013 National Annual General Meeting (NAGM) in Washington DC.

This year's NAGM is set for Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 24 through Sunday, May 26, 2012, and will be located at the Gaylord National Resort & Conference Center, which quietly sits on the Potomac River in the newly developed National Harbor district. Participants will discuss business relating to AYSO and Executive Members will vote on proposed amendments to the National Rules & Regulations, National Bylaws and candidates for the National Board of Directors and National President. For more information regarding the 2013 NAGM, please visit the NAGM website.

If you are attending the 2013 NAGM, make sure to stop by the Molten booth to see the newest designs for 2013 (including Molten's AYSO FG Series, pictured above) as well as special promotional offers and discounted pricing offered exclusively to AYSO members.

2013 NCAA Men's Volleyball Championships 2013 NCAA® Men's Volleyball National Championships - May 8, 2013 - Reno, NV

Molten was proud to return to the court as the official volleyball of the 2013 NCAA® National Collegiate & DIII Men's Volleyball Championships.

The National Collegiate Championships were help at Pauley Pavillion - UCLA, May 4th & 6th, 2013. UC Irvine proved their right to the at-large bid with their decisive victory over BYU in the finals, securing their second consecutive National Championship - learn more.

In a similar title match for the DIII Men's Volleyball Championship, Springfield successfully defended their National Championship title, with a 3-0 victory over Nazareth. The finals were held at Kidera Gymnasium in Rochester, NY, April 26th & 28th, 2013 - learn more.

Molten would like to congratulate all of the teams that competed in this year's championships. To learn more about Molten's partnership with the NCAA, please click here.

Visit PHIT America
Molten USA Joins PHIT America -
A National Campaign to Help Overcome the Obesity & Sedentary Crisis
February 26, 2013 - Reno, NV

Molten USA has become an Alliance Sponsor of PHIT America, a new national educational campaign to combat the obesity and sedentary crisis seriously affecting health care costs in the U.S. This non-profit, started by the sport & fitness industry, will promote grassroots programs and new legislation to influence Americans to be more active, fit and healthy through a consumer website:

Read full press release
- Visit PHIT America and get active!

Molten USA Announces 2013 Limited Edition Recreational Volleyball Designs
February 1, 2013 - Reno, NV

With club volleyball season in full force, Molten USA has announced some significant additions to their 2013 product line. These limited edition products will be available for sale at select 2013 volleyball events.

The unique designs will be offered in an assortment of both official size volleyballs and mini volleyballs. With their bright and cheerful designs, these recreational volleyballs are guaranteed to make a statement whether as a gift, on the beach, or in the gym.

Official Size Volleyballs: 2013 Official Size Molten Volleyball

Mini Volleyballs:

Molten has also introduced several original designs to their popular animal volleyball line with size availability as follows: Owl (mini), Panda (mini & official), Cat (mini), Unicorn (mini), Bee (mini & official), Hippo (mini & official)

Molten Animal Volleyballs

What do you think of Molten's Recreational Volleyball line? Tell us on Facebook, or send us an email at

NCAA Volleyball Molten proud to be the official volleyball of the 2012 NCAA® Women's Championships
December 15, 2012 - Reno, NV

Reno, NV – Molten USA is proud to return to the court as the official volleyball of the 2012 NCAA® Division I, II, & III Women's Volleyball Championships.

"Molten is excited to announce our continued partnership with the NCAA," said Molten USA President Melissa Dawson. "Since the partnership with the NCAA began in 2005, it is obvious that both partners share common goals and philosophies when supporting the growing sport of volleyball. With the shared vision of providing the highest quality volleyball for the elite level of student athlete, the NCAA and Molten have continued to provide top level championship play. Molten looks forward to a successful future partnership with the NCAA and will continue to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in the volleyball product category." Read full press release

Learn more about the 2012 NCAA® Women's Championships: Division I - Division II - Division III

GHSA The GHSA Selects Molten USA as Official Volleyball
July 17, 2012 - Reno, NV

Reno, NV – Molten USA, Inc is pleased to announce that the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) has selected Molten as their official volleyball. The new partnership begins immediately with the 2012 volleyball season and will continue through the 2015 fall volleyball season.

The official ball will be Molten's IV58L-3-HS Super Touch Volleyball. This elite competition volleyball features a red, white, and blue color scheme, premium Japanese leather cover and uni-bladder cotton wrapped construction. With the launch of the partnership, each member school will receive a complimentary volleyball provided by Molten for evaluation.
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