You have a Pass it Forward volleyball, now it's time to...
PLAYwith it - Grab some friends and get out and play!
POST about it - We want to know all about what adventures you and your ball have experienced! Maybe you played at the park, or met some new friends...we want to know! Share your Pass it Forward story in the following ways:
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  • PASS it on - Now it's your turn to inspire someone with the gift of sport and play. Pass your ball forward to someone new, then check back to see your unique ball's journey!
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    joy of giving

    Think about a time when someone gave you an unexpected gift. Were you surprised? Were you happy? Giving has the amazing power to help cheer us up, inspire us to be our best, and shows us that we are part of a wonderful and kind global community!

    "Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give."
    ― Benjamin S. Carson, Sr., M.D. (Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom)

    With Pass it Forward, it's your mission to give the gift of sport and play!

    Sports and activities help us in so many ways - they improve our health & self-confidence, they teach us sportsmanship, accountability, and leadership...they even help us make new friends! Look at the following chart and think about some of the things that sports have taught YOU!

    Why play sports

    Good sportsmanship is ALWAYS important when playing sports. Whether before, during or after a match, game, or practice, the lessons that we learn from sportsmanship help us develop important skills such as accountability, compassion, and bravery.

    Read the following definition of sportsmanship, then think of two ways that you can show good sportsmanship.

    Playing sports teaches us about the importance of accountability & respect. When you join a team, you become responsible for how your actions affect others. Showing up on time, working your hardest, listening to your coach, and acting on behalf of the team are all ways that we demonstrate accountability. Accountability means that if you say you are going to do something, you do it! It means that we act in an honest, responsible way that benefits ourselves and the people around us. The best part is that when you are accountable to your actions, you will gain respect!

    Whew - You did it! Now, get ready to Play with it, Post about it, and Pass it on - It's time to begin your Pass it Forward mission!