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molten volleyball technology

FLISTATEC® Volleyball Technology

flistatec logo

FLISTATEC® has brought a revolutionary change to the conventional concept of volleyball and created a game that is more exciting than ever.

1. Original Design - Improved visibility, smoother rotating motion.

2. Increased Ball Control - By optimizing the air-current around the ball in flight, Molten has succeeded in increasing ball control during play.

3. Enhanced Flight Stability - Ground-breaking research by Molten revealed that by placing raised hexagonal shaped designs on the surface of the ball, flight stability was greatly enhanced.

4. More Accurate Overhand Passing and Sets - A soft, thick micro-fiber layer, when combined with the secure nylon wound layer and the unique hexagonal surface, increases the grip and allows for firmer, more accurate overhand passing.

FLISTATEC® Original Design

Visibility was improved by placing three streamlined panels on each side of the volleyball in a combination with Molten's original color patterns. The color white can be easily recognized in any type of environment. Yet when adding a combination of red and green colors to this streamlined panel design. the FLISTATEC volleyball visually creates a smoother rotating motion. This original design represents the flame in the letter "O" in the word Molten, symbolizing passion for the game.

Flistatec, molten volleyball, design

FLISTATEC® Testing for Enhanced Flight Stability

Molten conducted scientific analysis of the air current over the surface of the ball. As suspected, we discovered that the irregular air current around the ball negatively influenced the flight path of the ball. With continued lab testing came the development of a new technology call "FLISTATEC", which stands for "FLIGHT STABILITY TECHNOLOGY". With FLISTATEC, we achieve a stabilized flight path by controlling the air disturbance around the ball through the placement of raised hexagon shaped designs on the surface of the ball.

Traditional ball


In addition, Molten conducted flight stability testing by using a volleyball serving machine and analizing the ball drop points. Below you will find a comparison of drop points of a FLISTATEC ball and a traditional ball. You may observe that the number of irregular flight patterns is significantly reduced with the FLISTATEC volleyball and that the drop points are more consistent compared to that of the traditional ball.

Traditional Volleyball

FLISTATEC® Volleyball

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