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Molten First Touch Volleyball - V140 (5 oz)

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Item Name
: Molten First Touch Volleyball - V140 (5 oz)
Item Number
: V140
: $19.49




  • Lightweight
  • Soft cloth and foam cover
  • Available in 3 weights:
    V70 (2.5 oz - players 6 & under)
    V140 (5 oz - players 8 & under)
    V210 (7.5 oz - players 10 & under)
  • Indoor use
  • Red / White / Blue

Product Description

The Molten First Touch Volleyball Series features a soft cloth and foam cover that make it a safe and fun way for to introduce young athletes to volleyball. Available in three different light weights, Molten's First Touch volleyballs are ideal for all players 10 and under.

molten volleyball size chart, first touch Go to First Touch V70 product page Go to First Touch V210 product page
    Childicon Products are intended and recommended for children 12 years of age and younger.

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