Established in 1958, Molten has brought top-of-the- line sports equipment, automotive parts, healthcare equipment, and other products to the world. Each division of Molten has its own brand promise for its customers: “For the real game” for the Sports Division; “Fun and Functional” for the Automotive Parts Division, and “From the Inside Out” for the Healthcare Equipment Division. While each division is unique, these enterprises expand out from the single Molten brand. We will continue believing in the potential of the athletes, referees, engineers, patients, and medical professionals who use our products, as well as in the distinct potential of every Molten employee. We will keep moving to make the world a better place.

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Molten USA is dedicated to creating a positive and collaborative work environment where individuals can maximize their unique potential and come together to inspire the entire Molten community. Questions? Please contact us.

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