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DEEVO® Whistle


Superior quality whistle intended for use in volleyball and other indoor sports. The DEEVO's titanium reinforced frame provides exceptional durability while its unique shape produces a powerful sound designed to cut through noise.

  • Intended for indoor use
  • Great for volleyball referees
  • Packaged for retail
  • Includes lanyard

DEEVO® Whistle Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Great Product

Posted by Unknown on Jun 13th 2017

I have used this whistle over 15 matches, and it's the only whistle I've ever used where everyone playing volleyball on my court (in a 12-court facility) stopped on my first whistle every single time! It's loud, it's comfortable, and it's easier to blow than a traditional volleyball whistle. I've been officiating for almost a decade, and highly recommend this product for any loud setting.

Good for Volleyball

Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2017

Use the Deevo in a volleyball tournament, it worked well giving sound to all teams on the court and different from other courts.

Loudest whistle yet!

Posted by Peyton on May 18th 2017

Love it!! Nice and loud, not bulky, excellent product

Big-time pro whistle

Posted by Unknown on May 4th 2017

Solid sound, easy to blow, very loud when you work at it, beautifully constructed, too cool materials. I'm a collector of working whistles, so I have to have this one regardless, but it's strong suit is materials and construction. There's cheaper whistles that sound as good and perform as well, but it's worth a little more to get the top of the line.