Molten USA Introduces DEEVO Elite Volleyball Whistle and USA Volleyball Referee Promotions

On May 11th 2017

Molten USA is proud to announce the release of the “DEEVO,” a professional referee whistle for volleyball, to the US market.

The DEEVO’s unique pitch can easily be heard over loud audiences in an indoor sports arena which makes it ideal for volleyball matches. The DEEVO is also equipped with “fins”, which project the sound to the left and right, ensuring that the whistle’s sound reaches players on both sides of the court. Volleyball referees are required to keep their whistle in their mouths throughout a match, as such, the DEEVO’s mouthpiece was designed to be comfortable and durable. The titanium mouthpiece provides exceptional durability, while its plastic casing makes it comfortable for long matches.

Since the launch of its first sport- specific whistle in 2009, Molten has continued to develop and manufacture an elite line of whistles for professional referees suited to meet the demands of soccer, basketball, handball, and now, volleyball.

Coinciding with the launch of the DEEVO and in collaboration with USA Volleyball, Molten will be offering USA Volleyball referees a variety of equipment packages and promotions. For more information on these promotions, please contact