New FIVB Approved Elite Beach Volleyball

On Mar 16th 2017

V5B5000 - Front View  V5B5000 - Side ViewFIVB Approved - Mark    

Molten Corporation will introduce a new FIVB Approved beach volleyball to select markets beginning March of 2017.

The V5B5000, with its new white, navy, and red design, will eventually replace Molten’s signature blue and yellow BV-5000 model as Molten’s FIVB Approved beach volleyball. Following this transition, the Molten V5B5000 will be used as the official ball in all North, Central America, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation (NORCECA) beach volleyball events.

The V5B5000’s cover construction not only features improved grip and durability, but also retains 40% less water than the BV-5000 for consistent performance in wet weather conditions. The ball has a soft feel on contact and suits the high number of repetitions that athletes take in beach volleyball.

Molten will continue to develop and supply volleyball products of outstanding functionality and design to fulfill the Molten brand promise, “For the real game.

■ Product Features and Technology

1.Improved grip and durability*

Wet or dry, new padding technology combined with the exterior cover material has been proven to improve grip and maximize durability

2.Less water absorption*

The V5B5000 absorbs 40% less water to maintain a more consistent weight in all weather conditions

3.Soft contact

Padded construction with superior rebound action

4.New design

Increased contrast between the white and navy panels assures visibility in extremely bright or flat light conditions

*Grip, durability, and water absorption statements are as compared to the BV-5000 model during laboratory testing

■ FIVB Approved

The International Volleyball Federation requires FIVB Approved products to comply with specific standards including size, weight, material, impact, and endurance. During the approval process, volleyballs are submitted for rigorous testing in an approved laboratory. Globally, Molten is one of two manufacturers who carry an FIVB Approved beach ball in their line.

■ Official Ball of NORCECA

Molten has been the official volleyball of the North, Central America, and Caribbean Volleyball Confederation since 2007.

■ Product Overview

Item Number V5B5000
Cover Material Polyurethane Leather
Size Size 5
Construction Machine Stitched
Country of origin China

■ About Molten

Molten, a manufacturer of balls and sports equipment, has been making and marketing basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls and handballs of uncompromising quality since 1958. Molten continues to raise global standards, supplying the official game balls and sports equipment for major leagues, teams and international tournaments around the world.

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■ For the real game

Molten's brand statement, "For the real game", encapsulates what we hope to accomplish through our products and activities. It is our conviction that the real game happens only when impeccable balls and sports equipment enable athletes to realize their full potential and maximize performance.